Quality craftsmanship is our goal. This is evident in the construction of our masks, where robustness and a comfortable fit are as important as appearance.
A Maskerville mask begins with its a base, formed over a contoured mold of a human face. Contouring is the key to the fit; the mask must rest easily across the forehead, not on the nose. Lighter feather masks are built on stiffened felt; larger feather models and fabric masks are based on buckram, a sturdy, flexible millinery fabric. The back of the buckram - the side that rests against the face - is then lined with felt. 

Next, eye-holes are cut to provide good peripheral vision, grosgrain ribbon ties are securely attached, and hanging loops inbuilt so the mask can be displayed. The prepared base is now ready to be covered. 

Feathers are applied individually to the front of the base with a hot-glue gun, working from the outside in towards the eyes, and ending with the smallest and finest ones at the nose bridge. Each feather is layered - like roof-tiles - so that the quills are covered and only the colorful tips visible. Thus the mask feels smooth and soft like the plumage of a real bird.

The result of this is first, Maskerville masks last - they hold their shape for years. Second, they appear almost alive, transforming the wearer into a fantastic bird or cat creature. When displayed as art, they make a dynamic focus to a room or hallway.  These Mardi Gras masks are made by Maskerville Masks for Adonis Leathercrafters, their central Florida representatives.  Maskerville has a long-standing contract with Cirque du Soleil because of the top quality, hand-made masks with unique colors and designs.Maskerville makes a huge variety of masks in six Categories - including Feather Masks, Leather Masks, Fabric Masks, and Venetian Masks, perfect for Carnival, Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest, Circuit Parties, Cruise ship Masked Balls, and other Masquerade events.

Going to Fantasy Fest in Key West? Carnivale in Rio? A Cruise? A Fancy Dress Ball? Looking for a special or unique gift? Hosting a Fundraiser? Remember, everyone loves to Masquerade.

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Trojan Pheasant Mask
Natural feather trojan helmet.  Sturdy buckram base, felt lined for comfort.  Cord-and-..
Large twin-horned 3/4-face shaman mask formed from a sturdy base of buckram and molded ram horns,..
Large twin-horned 3/4-face viking mask formed from a sturdy base of buckram and molded goat horns..
Beautiful, black and silver, feather mask.  Made by the person who does masks for Cirque Du ..
White/ivory feather mask looks clean and sleek with horns that curl backwards.  Soft white f..
Cool-looking black mask with horns.  Natural feathers are placed all through the mask with t..
This solid top quality mask has a shiny black embossing throughout.  Great for Halloween, Fa..
This fantastic colorful mask is made with natural feathers of various colors.  Great for par..
Multi-colored natural feathers on this unique and cool looking mask.  Made for Adonis Leathe..
Great-looking black feathered mask with mohawk feathers on top.  If you are looking for a ma..
Leather mask with felt on the inside for comfort.  Great for parties, Halloween, Fantasyfest..