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1" Wide Harness With Scrolled Rings & Matching Buckles
Another one of a kind. This exquisitely designed harness with stainless steel scrolled rings and ..
You will only find the Finger Flogger here. A fun and cool looking flogger and comes with elastic..
1-1/2" Wide Old World Leather Belt
Great looking belt. This genunine leather is put through the tanning process to give it this uniq..
The Beast Flogger
Here is a flogger that is one of a kind.This flogger can be ordered in various dyes, but the most..
1" Wide Stainless Steel Crown Rosette Harness
Another original design by Adonis Leathercrafters in this 1" wide latigo leather harness with the..
Harness With 2 Stainless Steel Beveled Rings & Curb Chains
Great looking harness. This harness is 1-1/4 inches wide and has two stainless steel beveled ring..
Holster Hand Carved .38 Caliber
This beautiful black hand carved holster for a .38 caliber is of the finest quality, cut from our..
Leather Vest
Handcrafted by Adonis Leathercrafters. This very hot masculine genuine garment leather is careful..
1-1/2" Black Leather Belt With Chrome Domes
Enjoy this very masculine black leather belt with two rows of Chrome domes in alternating positio..
1" Wide Large-Spiked Harness
If you are looking for a heavy-duty looking harness, here you go. This harness is equipped with e..
1-1/2 Inch Wide Spiked Wrist Band
1-1/2 inch wide cowhide leather with triple rows of spikes. Attaches with velcro for easy on and ..
Flapper Paddle With Domes And Eyelets
This quality latigo paddle is top grade leather. Comes with a combination of domes and eyelets. T..
Leather Vest With Front Pocket
Handcrafted by Adonis Leathercrafters. This very hot masculine genuine garment leather is careful..
Tri-Fold Wallet Rustic Look
This exotic and hot-looking old world style wallet is prepared in a special way to give this rust..
1-1/4" Wide Combination Buckles & Snaps Harness
Cool look. This 1-1/4 inch wide latigo leather combination buckles and snaps chest harness comes ..
1 Inch Wrist Band With Stitched Red Stripe
1-1/4 inch wide wrist band with stitched red stripe. Top snaps are installed and 3 bottom snaps f..
Spank Me Paddle With Gray Fleece
Once again, Adonis Leathercrafters has come up with another unique leather product. This rectangl..
Leather Vest with Tuxedo Front Corner Cut
What a fantastic look. This vest with the tuxedo cut front corners give the appearance of class a..
Black Hair-On Leather Wallet
Our most popular wallet and attention getter. People love this billfold. It is a hair-on hide in ..
1-1/4" Wide Criss-Cross Harness
THIS IS AN ORIGINAL design by Adonis Leathercrafters. Once again, this 1-1/4 inch wide latigo har..
1" Wide Leather Arm Band With Metal Diamonds
Enjoy this attractive 1" wide arm band with metal ornamental diamonds. Comes with two side-by-sid..
This one of a kind heart-shaped paddle is manufactured in our facility out of latigo leather. A h..
1-1/4" (3/4 to 1-1/2") Wide Black Leather Wrist Band
For those of you who prefer a plain wrist band without all the metal, here is the one for you. Ge..
This gauntlet is a work of art. Made of fine quality latigo leather with rows of short spikes alt..
1-1/2" Wide Latigo Collar with Dee Ring & Eagle Snaps
This great looking collar is 1-1/2" Wide and is equipped with a dee ring fastened down with leath..